Hi there! I’m Nicola, the author of these raw and somewhat random musings

First of all no, I certainly wouldn’t identify myself as a fashion muse or one of those cool Instagram people who look amazing standing next to dimly lit street lamps. Nope, I am not a makeup artist either. I drink copious amounts of wine and regularly do my makeup on public transport

Also no, I don’t participate in hot yoga sessions or take spin classes. I do however own a Fit Bit and I actually feel quite smug about that purchase decision, even though it’s shoved into the back of a drawer somewhere…

What I can tell you is that despite my previously disclosed fall backs, I like to think I’m quite good at dressing myself. I mean I’ve been told it, by friends but also by strangers I didn’t really know or had no prior motive to be nice to me (It’s nice when that happens isn’t it)

I also noticed somewhat of a gap in the Irish blogging world, I couldn’t find any other Trinidadian-Irish girls out there with a penchant for wine, Korean packaging and hugging other people’s pets, so I thought, why not let it be me? So here I am! Nice to meet you!

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